We wish to remind those considering signing up to play music that volunteer duties are as follows:

Volunteers are needed to take attendance, collect walk-on payments, be responsible for making the harness available, and play music. The volunteer is expected to enforce the club’s rules regarding its ice sessions and walk-on fees.

The music fee will be credited back to your account at the conclusion of the Summer session if you have volunteered 3 times during the session. Volunteers must arrive 10 minutes before the start of their session (at ice make) to begin to collect walk-ons and to relieve the previous monitor. It is imperative that the walk-on fees, music box, attendance box, and harness are locked up if there is no one there to relieve you, or if you are the last person playing music for the day. All of your efforts will help PPFSC run more smoothly. We appreciate your cooperation.

Volunteers who cover more than the required number of ice sessions will earn a walk-on pass for each session in excess of the requirement. Please let us know if you are willing to cover additional sessions. Additional sessions will be assigned provided all volunteers have been given the opportunity to fulfill their requirement.